Movie Trailer for the Papal Encyclical

Movie Trailer for the Papal Encyclical June 13, 2015

I may be mistaken, but I believe that this may be the first time in history that, even in jest, someone has made a movie trailer for an encyclical that the pope is expected to issue. The subject is climate change, and it there are high expectations for it.

Does a trailer like this actually help raise expectations for the actual encyclical? Or does it distract from it? Or does it just provide a bit of light comic relief?

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  • Gary

    Relate to the last post,
    Conversation overheard, Pope to Rick Santorum, “you’re not far from the Kingdom of God”.

  • histrogeek

    My one critique is why does Lord Businessman (or whatever) look like the resurrection of Moshe Dayan?
    I mean seriously, eye patch (upon further research Dayan’s patch was on his other eye), scar, pattern baldness, if that wasn’t deliberate than someone was watching a movie about the 6-Day War before they cast this.

  • ccws

    This is BRILLIANT.

  • QueenMab

    As a former Evangelical Protestant for 20 yrs turned zealous Roman Catholic for 10yrs, and now rapidly lapsing from everything, I find this to be hysterical. Of course, every Catholic’s panties are in wad. The Liberals are thrilled about Pope Francis’ coming down on the side of the Climate Changers, but pissed that he still stalwartly defends pro-life, open to life Catholic tradition. The Conservatives are torn because they love that he’s defending life and babies, and shot down overpopulation theorists, but at the same time are angry that he has thrown in with the ‘secular’ Climate Scientists and dare make caring for the planet equal with caring for humanity. For me…I think I am sick of all of them. As Groucho Marx said, “I wouldn’t want to join a club that would have me as a member.”