The Biggest Heresy of All

The Biggest Heresy of All June 14, 2015

Jeremy Myers Greatest Arch-Heretics

The quote comes from Jeremy Myers’ post “The Biggest Heresy of All Time.” Here’s a larger quote from the context of the quote above, to whet your appetite:

If I hate a person because I’m mean, well, then that’s just mean. But if I hate a person because “Jesus told me to hate him,” this is not just mean, this is satanically mean.

This is why the lack of love – especially the lack of love from people who claim to follow Jesus – is the worst heresy in all of human history.

When we hate and hurt and kill “in Jesus name” – we are the greatest arch-heretics the world has ever seen.

Which is worse: to teach others that Jesus was not God, or to burn such a person “in the name of Jesus” for not believing that Jesus is God?

While the first person might be wrong about the nature of Jesus, the second person is completely wrong about everything related to Jesus, for if they think that Jesus wants them to burn people who don’t understand Him, then they haven’t understood the first thing about Him, and should incinerate themselves first.

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  • charlesburchfield

    ‘Forgive them father they know not what they do.’
    I would like to hear & participate in discussions abt religion addiction, abuse & denial bc I think one is a victim of victims & one becomes a victimizer when one cannot recover fr emotional/spiritual abuse until one finds loving support fr family & community when one is abused. Nevertheless I think the god who is there can make a way where there is no way.

  • Mo Kip

    If it were only about Jesus. The motivation to religious violence is only about the religion (or savior) in the most superficial way (as a righteous “just” cover). It’s really about power and control — always has been, always will be. Once Christianity became an imperial institution, the die was cast.

  • the_Siliconopolitan

    Luke 14:26. Matthew 7:19.

  • Thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate it!

    • Thanks for writing the post! You said “tweet this” and so I thought “meme this” was implicit…

      • Ha! Yes, and as someone said in the comments, I went quite a bit overboard on the “Tweet this” links.

  • jules

    is there hating and hurting and killing in Jesus’ name? Really? or is that just a bit overly melodramatic?

    • ccws

      Uh…yeah…it started in 312 AD when Constantine co-opted the sign of the cross to defeat his enemies, then it ran through the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the witch trials…

      Maybe we’re not quite so big on “holy” wars or mass heresy trials these days, but we hate and hurt and kill every day by our “righteous” snobbery.

      When our churches get behind invading the Evil Nation du Jour™, we’re complicit in the wholesale violence of war.

      When we shame a gay teen so horribly just for being who he is because “the Bible says homosexuality is a sin” that he can’t stand to live on this planet any more, we are his cause of death just as certainly as is the physical means he uses. (That goes double for the “Christian” family that disowns its gay child.)

      When we cut aid to our poor and leave them and their children hungry and even homeless because “the Bible says, whoever doesn’t work shouldn’t eat,” we hurt them both physically and emotionally.

      When thousands of people die of preventable and treatable diseases every year in the world’s wealthiest (and supposedly “Christian”) nation due to lack of access to medical care because universal health care is “Godless socialism,” we are their killers.

      (Got news for you: God INVENTED socialism. Read the sections of Leviticus and Deuteronomy on providing for the widow, the orphan, even the foreigner, and treating them fairly – not to mention supporting the entire landless tribe of Levi.)

      I could go on, but you get the idea. The fact that we’re not personally bombing or shooting anyone doesn’t mean we haven’t done any killing lately.

      • And don’t forget the legislation in Uganda, introduced and promoted by “Christian” missionaries, that would have homosexuals executed.

        • ccws

          True. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that – maybe I was trying to stick closer to home – but thank YOU for thinking of it.