Neither Side Will Be Happy

Neither Side Will Be Happy June 11, 2015

MAD cartoon won't make either side happy

Reality often challenges our assumptions. Sometimes evidence strongly favors one conclusion over another – there is no need to be a relativist. But just as often, we pigeonhole and stereotype when people and things are much more complex. I’ve been delighted to see some great instances of members of groups objecting when the group that they are a part of caricatures others – for instance, two prominent atheists have challenged the way Muslims and Christians are depicted in certain popular atheist memes. And an atheist scientist made progress in understanding his religious colleagues.

Let reality in all its complexities challenge your assumptions, your biases, your prejudices, and your caricatures.

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  • Gary

    I knew there was an historical basis for gargoyles and chimeras on churches. Although they may discover the texts are Gnostic.

    • Gary

      Or so many possibilities. T-Rex as the original companion for Adam, as provided by God. Unfortunately for Mr. T, as he was called, he was found unsuitable. Disappointed as he was, Mr. T remained faithful.

      • Gary

        The Apocalypse of T, similar to the Gospel of Peter, was found on the body of an ancient reptilian monk. Bible scholars were shocked to discover that it correctly predicted the Great Asteroid Apocalypse of 64,998,000 BC, making the author the first know true apocalypicist.
        I quit!

  • David Evans

    The Bible is for dinosaurs. I’m happy to go along with that.

  • David Evans

    Your first link did not convince me. The Qur’anic verses cited may not be hate speech, but I find it hard not to see in them contempt for unbelievers (or, as they say these days, kuffar) and satisfaction in contemplating their suffering.

    The second link says “Basically, there’s no single logical explanation for why induction works: it just does. Which means I’m left with the belief that induction works without the sound evidence to support it, i.e. I have faith in the scientific method.”

    I would prefer to say simply that we use induction because there’s no alternative. Without it we can’t plan for the future and in particular we can’t design scientific experiments. That’s not a statement of faith.