Dr. Paul Gitwaza to Speak in Indianapolis

Dr. Paul Gitwaza to Speak in Indianapolis June 10, 2015

Gitwaza flyer

I just recently had this event drawn to my attention, and wanted to spread the word. Dr. Gitwaza will also be participating in the licensing service for Emmanuel Musinga at my own church, Crooked Creek Baptist Church, on Saturday, June 13th, beginning at 4pm. Here is the announcement from the church Facebook page:

Crooked Creek Baptist will be presenting a license for Christian ministry to Pastor Emmanuel Musinga this Saturday, June 13 in a service at the church (5540 Michigan Rd) from 4-6 p.m. The service will feature a combined choir of African music, as several communities of refugees from all over the U.S and Canada will be participating. Immediately following the service an authentic African meal will be served in Fellowship Hall. We hope you will be able to join us to both be a blessing and be blessed in this celebration!




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