Why You Should Connect With Me On Twitter

Why You Should Connect With Me On Twitter June 10, 2015

I used to have a sidebar that allowed me to share things from other blogs with readers of this one in a convenient manner. Sometimes there are posts elsewhere that I want to share with people, but which it either does not make sense to write a blog post about, or sometimes there simply isn’t time to do that.

What changed? Google Reader went defunct, for one thing, and that was the basis of the sidebar. Alternatives proved to run scripts that could crash the website and so could not be used. And sometimes there were more interesting things to share than would be visible in the sidebar anyway.

And so nowadays I share everything that I would have shared in the sidebar on Twitter, and you can follow me there and see the things I share.


I also share much of the same content on Facebook. I’m currently sharing it to my own profile, while the Exploring Our Matrix Facebook page is mainly posts from this blog. If you are a blog reader, you can connect with me in one or both of those places. No need to send a friend request if you use Facebook just for connecting with people that you know personally – just choose “follow” instead.

Thanks for reading here, and thanks for connecting with me elsewhere!

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