Observable Proof of Macro-Aging

Observable Proof of Macro-Aging June 22, 2015

James montage

In a discussion on Facebook, a young-earth creationist demanded “observable proof of macro-evolution.”

I realized that the demand is rather akin to someone asking for observable proof of aging. Perhaps one can see “micro-aging” as it occurs in one’s cells. But what proof do you have that the younger person in the photo albums in your house has turned into the older person that you are now?

Change happens – in the individual, in communities, and yes, in species. We can trace the processes and the mechanisms by which the change occurs.

And if you ask for “proof” that evolution has occurred, apart from the overwhelming genetic, paleontological, homological and other evidence, then you might as well be asking for “proof” that I have aged from the child to the teen to the young man to the now older man in the photos at the top of this post.

Either you aren’t seriously interested in the subject, or you haven’t understood even the most basic aspects of what evolution is, what what scientists say about it, and what the evidence for it is.


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