Preaching On Sin

Preaching On Sin June 22, 2015

Preach against sins

This cartoon nicely illustrates the point that we all enjoy condemning those whose sins are obvious to us, while we bristle at anyone who points out our own. If there is something that fundamentalists, conservatives, moderates, progressives, and liberals all share in common, it is this tendency, and the fact that none of us can afford to cast the first stone.

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  • QueenMab

    Love this. I get so fed up with the picking and choosing…on all sides. Thanks.

  • John MacDonld

    My favorite example of “Holier Than Thou” in Christianity is the pericope of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers. Jesus saw what he believed to be sin and did he ever act on it!

    • ccws

      Jesus, the original Wall Street Occupier… 🙂

      • John MacDonald

        Remember, don’t cast the first stone … Unless you’re Jesus in which case go ahead and start throwing tables. lol

  • BrotherRog

    Here’s a progressive Christian perspective on sin and sinners:

    • John MacDonald

      The author of Matthew 10:34 has Jesus say “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Do you think this passage helps to offer any insight into Jesus’ view on how to approach sin?

  • ccws

    Stealing this one too, hee hee!

  • We are not the dogs of God but his children. Prophetic religion has to do with relationships, not observances, with awe not belief, with love not guilt, with life not property, With the Way not moralism. Obedience to the Way is indeed of great use if it is freely given, but of no use if it is compelled. – Herrymon Maurer, Tao the Way of the Ways.

    • BLEEDING T.Rumpet

      Hey kid, I may not be there when I’m banned, but it’s their loss… They stay sheltered in ignorance.


      • I thought they acted like asses and told them so. Fuqem.

        • BLEEDING T.Rumpet

          They make the EZ decisions to hide their heads in the sand & pretend the job’s done.

          • Yes. And claim the moral high ground for doing so. Makes you want to puke.

          • BLEEDING T.Rumpet

            The 2 mods never addressed the eventual punishment, issues, or griever’s losses…They intentionally grow empathy callouses to stay cocooned. I was amused you said they’re more “intelligent”, when they simply smack IQ with their book…. HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!

            Yup, switched from left handed to right &THAT nun started my critical thinking EARLY !!!

            You kinda punked the guy hon…

          • Perhaps I should have said they were booksmart? 😉
            Zealots of the left, religous or otherwise, are just as repugnant as any other zealot.
            Sanctimony is a powerful intoxicant and anodyne. Don’t let the bastids grind you down.

          • BLEEDING T.Rumpet


            We several shined the light on a room of roaches. I feel only pity for their puny weakness…


            PS- Book is coming along…WHEW…!