Reboot Needed

Reboot Needed June 10, 2015

Turn the Earth off and on again

This is actually how the flood story is depicted in the Bible. There is a watery chaos in the beginning, and God causes the waters to pool in one place so that dry land appears. The flood sees this process reversed and then repeated. And so it is a reboot of sorts, although (to extend the analogy) with the old operating system – humans and animals – then simply copied across and reinstalled on the wiped hard drive.

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  • Horseman Bree

    The problem involves not defragging, just copying the old files.

  • Horseman Bree

    Oh, and, of course, not cleaning the viruses, like the snakes, the women, and all the people “not like us”.

  • SBeckmesser

    So in this scenario does God also = spyware or the tracking-cookie monster?