What Time Do You Read This Blog?

What Time Do You Read This Blog? June 5, 2015

Matthew Malcolm noticed that people read his blog more at 2pm on Tuesdays than at other times during the week. Looking at statistics could tell me when people read my blog in relation to my own local time. But I am also curious what time it is where you are when you read the blog. Feel free to include or omit what time zone you live in, but at least telling me days and times would be very interesting. When do you read this blog?

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  • I find that a little weird. On weekends, I check between 11 AM and 11 PM, and on work days, around 5 and between 3 and 9 PM. I live in the same time zone as you.

  • Robert

    It’s 10.45pm, by British summer time.

  • I check my feedreader first thing in the morning, so usually then. Sometimes again in the afternoon, like now.

  • friendly reader

    Between 6 and 9 pm Monday-Saturday, any time on Sunday, no more than an hour on any patheos site total. Leechblock to keep me from spending too much time on forums arguing with people.

  • Shiphrah99

    Most days ~10 a.m.

  • David Evans

    I’m not employed, so Tuesday is nothing special to me. It’s 10 AM here, which is quite typical, but I also often read between 6 and 11 PM

  • CrazyDogLady

    I read all my Patheos blogs between 6 and 9 am (depending on how early I get up and walked the dogs first). You’re part of the breakfast ritual. I also read them any odd time of day that I get a few minutes to take a break.

  • The easier question to answer for me would be: When am I not visiting this blog? The Professor keeps it entertaining and enlightening and that takes a lot of work, for which we appreciate him for. Thank you, Dr. McGrath. I always feel so good when I come here!

  • John Thomas

    I don’t have a fixed time each day, depends on what time I am free and finished doing things which I am otherwise supposed to do, but if I have to pick a time that I have read on majority of days, it will be 10 AM.

  • Craig Wright

    The blog doesn’t come on my email until about midmorning PST, and that is when I read it every day.

  • Thank you all for your comments! Presumably if there is a lesson for me, it is that when blog posts appear has little or no bearing on or relevance to when people read them…