Keep Calm, Obi-Wan Kenobi Loves You

Keep Calm, Obi-Wan Kenobi Loves You July 20, 2015


This was drawn to my attention by a blog commenter, reaching them via another site which got it from Reddit.

Star Wars and Christianity (and religion more generally) can intersect in all kinds of interesting ways. But I think this is the first time I have seen a photo of someone from Star Wars simply used as though it were a picture of Jesus.


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  • Obi-Wan does look like some sort of European knight, at least, in the picture.

  • otrotierra

    When did Jesus magically turn White, Western, and European? Since he was none of those, why is it so important to see Jesus as he wasn’t?

    • Medieval and early Renaissance art wasn’t intended to be representational – the artists drew forms and figures that were familiar to them. Look at the paintings of a lot of the Italian masters of various famous figures from throughout history and they all look, well, distinctly Italian.
      Since this is the period that a lot of religious and church art comes from, well, it’s just kind of stuck around, helped by a lack of knowledge of just what Jesus should look like, if not as a white, Western European. Now, of course, there can be no such excuse but, well, it still gets used.

      • arcseconds

        Everyone knows that Jesus was Māori…

        here he is walking on Rotorua:

        • That’s awesome!

          • arcseconds

            Nowadays perhaps the ‘white Jesus’ phenomenon ends up just being a kind of cultural balwark, allowing ignorant white people (and perhaps some non-white people) to imagine or feel the world is fundamentally white.

            But there is some kind of a point in envisaging Jesus as a member of one’s own cultural group, though, no?

            Hi Jim, by the way, how are things? 🙂

          • Yeah, I think it’s pretty much just tradition at this point. The tradition being adopted by other cultures can only be a good thing, really.

            Things are good. Summer is here, which means vacations and gardening and all sorts of fun things.

          • LadySunami

            I wonder how many objections there would be if some people began portraying Jesus as female. There are pleanty of women believers after all, so why not?

          • All the objections, for good or for ill.

            It does kind of go against his identification as the bridegroom of the church.

          • LadySunami

            Well, considering there are a great many men in the church (and the general disapproval for same-sex relationships in some churches) that’s a little weird anyway.

          • Yeah, the metaphorical names for God and Jesus are on the odd side. I mean, the identification as a lion somehow applies to both Jesus AND to Satan.

          • arcseconds

            Speaking of gender-bending and Satan ending up sharing associations with the white-hat side, you are perhaps aware of the Sufi tradition of Iblis originally being Allah’s lover, yes?

          • As it happens, yes – I read a book on mythology and transgenderism, and how being transgender is often a sign of corruption or evil, and it including a bit on that portion of the Sufi tradition.
            And Loki. Of course.

          • arcseconds

            I’ve a feeling I’ve seen such depictions somewhere…

            The cult-classic Japanese TV programme Monkey, based on the old Chinese Buddhist-apologetic novel Journey to the West, has Buddha adopt a female aspect and Kuan-Li a male one (one of them does this in response to the other, I can’t remember which one). Kuan-Li has a certain amount of gender-bending in the traditional mythic history, but as far as I’m aware traditionally the Buddha has always been seen and depicted as male.

            I wonder whether that spurred any objections in Buddhist-dominated countries?

        • histrogeek

          I’d love to see him rebuking Satan by sticking out his tongue.