The Fastest and Strongest of Sci-Fi Ships

The Fastest and Strongest of Sci-Fi Ships July 22, 2015

Gizmodo shared this infographic of the fastest ships in reality, NASA planning, and science fiction. You can probably guess which is the fastest, but if not scroll down to see.

Fastest ship in the universe


There was also a discussion at Comic Con this year about which would win in a fight: the Millennium Falcon or the U.S.S. Enterprise.


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  • Jackweinbender

    Perhaps the best part of that video is the fact that Adam Savage has *clearly* already though about this.

    • Jonathan Bernier

      Dude’s clearly wrong though.

  • David Evans

    I suspect that Iain M. Banks’ Culture ships would be pretty high on the scale. But their names are mostly too long to fit the graphic.

    • The fastest Culture ship in the books, the Sleeper Service, only managed 233,500 C after rebuilding itself to consist mostly of engine.

  • Sixtus

    I wonder where the various spacecraft from the Dune novels would be on the chart, particularly the space-folding ships of the Spacing Guild. I suppose that their acceleration would be zero but, in some sense, their speed would be infinite.

  • Betwixt-and-Between

    …how does the Death Star get to 1,142,500C on “Sepma 30-5 sublight engines”?