Octavia Butler and the Parables of Jesus

Octavia Butler and the Parables of Jesus July 21, 2015

David Gowler has been blogging through the reception history of the parables of Jesus. Recently he surveyed Octavia Butler’s science fiction stories named after the parables. Here are links to the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth posts in that series.

There is also a call for papers for a conference in February 2016, celebrating Butler’s letters, life, and legacy.

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  • David B. Gowler

    Thanks, James. Just so you know: I will next write four or five more posts on the second volume in the series, Parable of the Talents, which will not appear in my book (due to word limits). Thanks also for the info about the conference here in Atlanta. I have referred your post to some friends at Emory who might want to attend.

    • Excellent – thanks for sharing the post, and I look forward to your ongoing blogging!