Have You Seen What They’ve Written About Us?

Have You Seen What They’ve Written About Us? August 16, 2015


The above cartoon by David Hayward makes a lot of useful points at once. On the one hand, it emphasizes that the Bible is the work of people writing about God, not something God wrote and dropped down from heaven. It also depicts God anthropomorphically, as three persons surprised when they find out what humans have written about them. And that in turn will be found objectionable by many who claim to adhere to a “Biblical” view of God. And yet the Tower of Babel story depicts God as descending from heaven to see the tower that the humans have made.

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    The illustration of the Holy Ghost is an instant classic. I think I saw that in a Byzantine triptych somewhere.

    • Yes, I’ve always loved Hayward’s depiction of the Holy Ghost as someone dressed for Halloween with a sheet draped over their head. I wonder what’s under the sheet?

      • Gary

        No feet, so either Blinky, Pinky, Inky, or Clyde…PAC is ancient Hewbrew for “Son of”.

        • Gary

          Of course, there is the “Jesus Wife” fragment, by the Gnostics, represented by Ms PAC-MAN, and a female ghost.

      • Phil Ledgerwood


      • ccws

        There are those who say the Holy Ghost is the feminine aspect of the Trinity, so it’s gotta be a woman in a burqa.

  • Valerie .Anderson

    That Holy Ghost startled me; it’s how I have pictured the Holy Ghost since I was a child. Brilliant!