A Defining Feature of Conservative Christianity

A Defining Feature of Conservative Christianity August 15, 2015

At the root of conservative Christianity

This is another instance of me taking the summary I wrote of an earlier blog post, and turning it into a meme. I have been making a point of saying something about each of my posts when I share them, and I find that sometimes the attempt to sum them up in a succinct and catchy way produces something that might be worth sharing in its own right.

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  • Rick Kilgore

    “It seems to me that a big, defining feature of conservative Christianity is an unwillingness to …learn(.)”

    James McGrath

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    This is true. For most Christians, the Bible might as well have dropped out of the sky whole cloth penned by God Himself. That’s why it gets interpreted ahistorically.

    • buricco

      For many they believe that pretty much literally. Even more if they’re Ruckmanites and they believe God himself dictated the very words of the KJV in 1611.

  • AdrainMole


  • arcseconds

    Am I missing something? That quote doesn’t appear on that post as far as I can see, and nor does it appear to be a summary of that post…

    • It was what I wrote as a kind of teaser when I shared the post on Facebook.