The Blogroll is Still a Thing (But Should It Be?)

The Blogroll is Still a Thing (But Should It Be?) August 24, 2015

Fred Clark recently mentioned the blogroll as an antiquated artifact from the past.

I wonder whether he is right.

But first, are you aware that this blog has a blogroll? It is on a separate page, rather than in a sidebar. And while I’ve continued to add to it, I rarely remove anything. And so I am not sure how many of the blogs on the list are still active.

I also maintain a list of useful sites.

Are such things still useful to, whether to regular blog readers or to people making their first forays into the realm of online information? Please do let me know what your own view on this topic is!

And of course, if you see a blog or useful website that is missing from my list, or one on the list that shouldn’t remain there or the address of which has changed, please let me know!


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