#BecauseImAChristian September 16, 2015

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Morgan Guyton is trying to get a hashtag going that responds to the one that says #ImaChristianBut. For many of us, we stand for equality, we treat others who do not share our religion or ideology with respect, and do other such things not despite being Christians but because we are Christians.

My friend and colleague Brent Hege said something on that very topic in a talk he has been preparing, and so I asked for permission to turn what he said into a meme. You may remember Brent from photos I posted a few years ago, when my colleagues were responding enthusiastically to the Theologian Trading Cards I showed them. (I chose the photo I did to accompany the meme because I know that Brent’s appreciation of beer is also because of and not in spite of his Lutheran heritage.)

Here is an example of what is on Morgan Guyton’s list:

#BecauseImAChristian I refuse to make a mockery out of genuine Christian martyrdom. I refuse to let Christians say they’re being “persecuted” anytime they’re not allowed to persecute others. Jesus died on the cross because he stood up for the outsiders and refused to follow the rules of the insiders. People like Kim Davis are not standing with Jesus; they are crucifying Jesus all over again.

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  • Tim

    I think #ImaChristianButt pretty much says it all. See what I did there?

  • Pliny the in Between

    If more people approached the discussion of their faith the way that you do, people like me would have no concerns.