Bond Who?

Bond Who? September 7, 2015

I’ve been rewatching the James Bond movies with my son, who hadn’t seen them yet. We just watched On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and are Whovians, and so it is time to mention the “James Bond is a Time Lord” theory. I’ll include a summary of it below. But even more fun, I think, is to try to figure out which Doctor is like which Bond. For instance, perhaps Daniel Craig corresponds to Christopher Eccleston, as they are both the leather jacket wearing versions of their character, and both reboot their respective franchise. And Sean Connery might correspond to David Tennant – the latter is both the eleventh and twelfth Doctors, and the former is the first and third Bond.

Your turn. How many correspondences can you come up with? And which are your favorite regenerations? Also, how many actual connections (such as, but not limited to, common actors) between James Bond and Doctor Who can you come up with?



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