The Extent of Literalism

The Extent of Literalism September 20, 2015

End of conversation Spike Davis cartoon

When I first posted the cartoon above by Tim “Spike” Davis, it was accompanied by a screenshot of someone arguing that, since the Bible refers to people reasoning with their hearts in the Bible, the heart must contain a tiny brain. I was subsequently informed that the individual who expressed this view had experienced a severe brain trauma when they were attacked, and ought not to be a target of ridicule. I agree, and thus removed the screenshot, which had come to me second-hand via Facebook. It is worth considering that many of the people we encounter online who lead us to assume that Christians/Muslims/atheists/Americans/whoever are insane, may in fact actually be people with mental issues of a variety of sorts. We might realize if we met them in person, while just thinking they are stubborn or closed-minded – and representative of a category of people – when interacting with them online. And so it seemed to me not only appropriate to remove the screenshot and commentary on it, but also to share these details, in the hope that some readers may temper their online interactions accordingly.

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