When God Closes a Door

When God Closes a Door September 12, 2015

Remember--sometimes when God closes a door demotivational

When I saw this quip that Phillip shared on Facebook, I immediately thought that it deserved to become a meme, on the sort of demotivational poster I’ve made above. If you like it, please share it!

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  • Hitchenson

    Bring up this passage that is IN THE BIBLE and believers will not be happy with you. They typically do not think about it in this way.

    • Nathan Aldana

      thats because they like tio pretend the Torah and the new testament are utterly 100% consistent and that the jewish god definitely isnt vindictive, capable of being wrong, and nowhere near omnipotent because that’d kill their “bible is inerrant” thing.

  • Mr. Annoying

    For a long time now I have found it strange that the first exposure to the Bible which we often give to children are stories from Genesis. As this meme illustrates, Genesis is no children’s book.

    • Reid

      I grew up at a very fundamentalist school, and we began each day with a story from the Bible, typically from the Old Testament. We covered everything from the bear killing the kids who mocked Elijah to David/Bathsheba to the mass murder throughout Judges as literal truth. Looking back on it, it’s no wonder so many of us have messed up relationships with Christianity!