When You Have More Than You Need

When You Have More Than You Need September 8, 2015

I saw this on Facebook, and thought it nicely addressed a common human instinct. When any of us rises above the general situation of poverty that characterizes human existence, our instinct is to protect that status, not to make sure the path is clear for others to get where we are. We must resist that instinct. We do not have some inherent right to be wealthier – not because of birth, nationality, or even hard work, since many work harder than we do and yet do not escape their poverty. The only appropriate response is thus to ask how we can get more people to benefit from the privileges that we do.

Or as the image puts it so much more memorably and succinctly, “when you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.”


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  • John MacDonald

    Satisfaction and happiness transcend social status. A wealthy, powerful lawyer can be a miserable, suicidal alcoholic, just as a pauper can be contented dancing in her rags.

  • Random

    The other side of this is when you are spending more than you are taking in quit taking on more expenses.