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Christian Meteorology October 2, 2015

Westboro Baptist National Weather Service

I had been meaning to blog about “Christian meteorology” again well before Westboro Baptist Church announced their plan to picket the National Weather Service. While the Bible contains not a single reference to picketing, it is clear that God controls the weather. And so if one is going to object to the practice and the teaching of “secular science,” it would be natural to focus on meteorology – which explains weather in terms of high and low pressure, humidity, warm and cold fronts, and a range of other things without ever mentioning God. Evolution is less obviously at odds with the Bible than secular weather reporting is.

On this topic, see Neil Carter’s post on Christian meteorology and his follow-up on whether Christianity and evolution are incompatible. And Chaplain Mike wrote:

All of life is sacred, but that does not mean we must talk about all of life in sacred, special language. We can talk about mathematics in mathematical terms, the sciences in scientific terms, history in terms of people and events in the context of natural human and societal processes, human relationships in terms of the actual physical, emotional, down to earth things we experience in life.

As people of faith, we are certainly free to talk about how we think God is involved in anymatter — that is a legitimate topic of inquiry. And it is always appropriate to be thankful to God and cognizant of God’s presence. But we don’t have to automatically bring God-language into every conversation or consciously try to speak of God’s participation in every matter we discuss.

In fact, to do so is to act in a way that is contrary to the way God made the world. He has hidden himself, by and large, and left it to humans to discover this world and this life and give our own language to our experiences.



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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I’m still not sure if this is a real thing or not, but if it is, obviously the picketing funerals thing isn’t generating enough press, so now it’s something even more bizarre. God Hates Cold Fronts.

    • Jonathan

      God hates fogs?

      • I wish I had thought of that for a title for my blog post….

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I will say that it’s encouraging that they’re coming to grips with the reality of climate change, but still:

    “Westboro Baptist Church will picket the National Weather Service to remind them that ONLY by God’s mercy and power do you gather intelligence on His weather.”

    Could this be any nuttier?

    • chopin

      it’s like they’re smoking crack!

      • Phil Ledgerwood

        Do you think maybe they smoke crack?

        • chopin

          you do know what ‘crack’ is amirite? you’re from uk so I dunno if you have it there. anyhoo I am a recovering alcoholic/drug addict/religion addict so I have lots of experience w altered reality. this latest story just reminds me so much of the crazy counterintuitive sh*t I used to get up to when I was rippin & running on dope.

  • Jan Steen

    “The Lord willing, Westboro Baptist Church will picket the National Weather Service.”

    Read: “Weather permitting, Westboro Baptist Church will picket the National Weather Service.”

    These are the kind of nutters who blame hurricanes on same-sex marriage, right? They must have a low opinion of their God, that they can think He would kill a few hundred random human beings in His anger over the actions of some other, unrelated people. Why can’t He just disrupt the marriage ceremony with some well-aimed thunderbolts, if it annoys Him so much? Is that because He wants to remain hidden? It looks to me as if their God is playing hide-and-seek and behaves like an angry toddler. They are worshipping a spoilt kid.

  • ccws

    “While the earth remains, summer and winter, cold and heat, day and night shall not perish from the earth.” Or words to that effect, somewhere in the Bible, that I learned in elementary Sunday school…oh, and something else about sending the rain on the just AND the unjust…would it be too much to ask for a a whizzbanginthunderboomer to hit Topeka that morning?