September 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival

September 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival October 1, 2015

The latest Biblical Studies Carnival has been posted on Will Hart Brown’s blog. I am happy to see that the blogroll I maintain was useful in identifying places to look for interesting posts from the past month.

As always, Phillip Long is eager to hear from volunteers who are willing to host a future carnival.

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  • arcseconds

    Huggins’s bit about Indra crucified is interesting. But it doesn’t exactly explain how Georgi came to think that Indra was crucified! There are drawings of a cruciform man and a male upper body with dots on it, are they drawings of things that can be found in Tibet that were mistaken for crucifixes and stigmata? And if so, what are those things?

    The quote from the Calcutta review says “tho’ he thought that Tibetan Budhism was Manichaism, that Sakya born of a Virgin was Christ, and that Indra extended on a cross was a type of Christ.”, which suggests a cruciform Indra is a thing.

    10 minutes of googling for me has failed to turn up anything that look like leads on this: there’s links to sites carrying the text of the Alphabetum TIbetum, and sometimes the Anacalypsis,and rather a lot of fringe sites looking like they take these claims seriously. Anyone here know or have any pointers to narrow down my searching?

    Anyway, it’s pretty disappointing that Spong is repeating this stuff without looking into it further. I had heard he’s a bit sloppy, but repeating a sensationalist claim like this without doing further checking is veering on the irresponsible.