Finding God in the Genome

Finding God in the Genome October 30, 2015

GOD in the genome

This image from Pictoral Theology illustrates nicely a number of things about the approach many conservative Christians take to science and nature. Seeing “GOD” in DNA involves (1) treating one’s English language as normative, (2) selectively leaving out and adding things and fixating on the ones which provide meaning, and (3) reading significance that just isn’t there into the result of doing (1) and (2).

If you can’t see God at work in the world the way it really is, then your theology is a failure to begin with and needs to be scrapped. If the only way to maintain and promote your worldview is to twist and ignore inconvenient evidence, then you’re already acknowledging (to others if not to yourself) that you haven’t got it all figured out.

For others of us, God embraces the sum of all we know, and goes beyond into the mystery of all we do not.


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