Star Wars Soundtrack Spoilers

Star Wars Soundtrack Spoilers October 30, 2015

Remember how we found out things we might not have wanted to if we looked at the titles of the tracks on the soundtrack to The Phantom Menace, when it was released prior to the movie? Well, it looks like the same thing is happening again with the soundtrack to The Force Awakens. Take a look and see:

Star Wars Force Awakens Soundtrack Spoilers

Hopefully those who didn’t avert their eyes in horror appreciated the joke. You can actually pre-order the soundtrack of the upcoming Star Wars movie, but no track listings have been provided yet, and the album itself won’t be available until December 18th, the same day the movie appears in theaters.

I presume that this famous musician, who has collaborated with John Williams before more than once, will contribute a cello solo:

Yo-Yo Da


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