Rock Prayers

Rock Prayers October 22, 2015

I’ve floated the idea of doing a service of rock and roll prayers at my church. Here are the songs that I think would work for it. Can you suggest others?

U2, “40”

Peter Gabriel, “In Your Eyes”

Mr. Mister, “Kyrie”

Styx, “Show Me The Way”

Foreigner, “I Want to Know What Love Is”

Mike and the Mechanics, “Beggar on a Beach of Gold”

Another that I think would be fantastic, but is perhaps too obscure, is “Light of the World” by the Alan Parsons Project.

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  • JayBee03

    I have an “out there” suggestion from the concept album Hope by Klaatu. The song is called “The Loneliest of Creatures.” I still remember the first time I heard it upon the album’s release. Its power and impact (for me) sits in the tension created by the contrast between the title statement and the multi-voiced choral response.

  • histrogeek

    There is All You Zombies by the Hooters, though it’s more a sermon than a prayer.

  • Jonathan

    When I played music at a church service we did (off the top of my head); “I’m Free” (The Who) “Let My Love Open the Door” (Pete Townsend) “Missionary Man” (Eurythmics) “Jesus Just Left Chicago” (ZZ Top) “The Land of Beginning Again” (Neal Morse) “No Ordinary Love” (Sade) “Lift Me Up” (Yes) “Love Reclaims the Atmosphere” (Burlap to Cashmere)

  • John MacDonald

    Alexandra Burke’s version of “Hallelujah” is a particularly beautiful fusion of Rock and Gospel:

    • I take it the lyrics have been changed? If we are going to do that, a number of other songs could also be made to work…including “Take Me To Church”! 🙂

      • John MacDonald

        When I was in grade five we did a unit on whales. As part of the unit, our teacher brought in a guest speaker who was a marine biologist. As a thank-you to the guest speaker, we sang a song based on “I had the time of my life” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, and called it “I had a whale of a time.” It’s lots of fun to remake the lyrics of a song. Are you familiar with Weird Al?: