Fundamentalism is Self-Righteousness

Fundamentalism is Self-Righteousness November 2, 2015

Fundamentalism (Evangelicalism more broadly) is self-righteousness

The above quote from Ian comes from a comment he left here on the post “Fundamentalism is a Lack of Self-Awareness.” He didn’t want it associated with his actual name, but I still thought it was worth drawing attention to his words.

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  • Ignatz

    It is very self-centered. The whole thing centers around “I get to go to heaven” and you won’t hear a word about carrying your cross. One of their favorite verses (which they misinterpret) is Eph 2:8-9 – “not of works.” How convenient.

    I used to be an evangelical. One of the most commonly sung hymns was called “It is mine, mine.”

  • AtalantaBethulia


  • seashell

    Fundamentalism is judgmental. Not in the cause of justice, but in order to attack anyone different. The attacks lead to injustice and discrimination, results that add to their self-righteousness and disturbs them not in the least.

    One of my pet peeves with that crew, but it’s hard to rank my pet peeves in any kind of order.

  • charlesburchfield

    does it have any relation to doctrine of demons do you think? is it the Church of Antichrist?