Christians Ask Christians

Christians Ask Christians December 3, 2015

HT Hemant Mehta

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  • “I serve everyone, therefore, everyone else should be forced to do what I do”? Isn’t that the same reasoning as that behind banning same-sex marriage?

    • Sorry, what are you talking about here?

      • In such circumstances, read my comment again. I was pretty clear the first time.

        • I am sure you think you were pretty clear, however, as I reside outside your head, I don’t know what you intended to refer to.

          • In the RSS version of this post, I see a big blue sticker that says “this Christian serves everyone”. The implication is that everyone else should be coerced into serving everyone, too. But this is basically like saying “this Christian does not have sex with others of his sex, and certainly does not consider marrying them” with the implication that everyone else should be forced to do the same.

            Clear enough for you?

          • It makes clear that you are able to imagine implications where none exist.

          • How so? Doubt it.