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Jusset Research Institute December 3, 2015

Stochastic Terrorism

I must confess that I didn’t even notice the little tag at the bottom of the image above when I shared it. I was treating it as an anonymous internet statement, and thought it made a point worth sharing.

But having been asked about it, I feel the need to comment on the subject.

The only other place I found an image with a similar tag was on an image which was created to poke fun at fears in the United States about Ebola during the height of the outbreak in West Africa. I will include that image below. It comes from a parody site on Facebook, “The Ebola Quarantine of America.”

People have been calling themselves – sometimes with groups of like-minded friends – “research institutes” since long before the internet era. It can clearly be an attempt to mislead people. But in this case, is it that, or parody, or even self-parody? It can be so hard to tell.

Has anyone come across any other images created by the “Jusset Research Institute”? Does anyone want to claim credit as the mastermind behind it?


Jusset Research Institute Ebola

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