Spirituality of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Spirituality of Star Wars: The Force Awakens December 15, 2015

Lancaster Online published an article about “The Spirituality of Star Wars,” and also put together a collection of other interesting materials related to Star Wars. Jeremy Smith put together a list to help people prepare for watching The Force Awakens.

But while there is plenty of room to talk in serious ways about spirituality and Star Wars, there are also problematic and frankly bizarre ways of doing so, too.

What are you doing in what we might call this Star Wars Advent season? How do you prepare to watch a movie that has this kind of cultural importance? And in addition to speculating about the way the movie might treat spiritual themes that emerged in the earlier Star Wars films, we can also talk about what the spiritual significance is of fandom and the very process of waiting for and then enjoying the new movie.

I’ve got my ticket…


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