Beauty in Dark Times

Beauty in Dark Times January 30, 2016

There is a very interesting set of upcoming events for those living in the Indianapolis area, focusing on the music of Arvo Pärt. On February 4th at 7pm, at St. George’s Orthodox Church in Fishers, Indiana, there will be performances of Pärt’s music, one choreographed with a dance performance by students from the Indianapolis School of Ballet, and also a presentation by Peter Bouteneff about the religious significance of his music. And then the following day there will be a meeting to explore the possibility of doing much more around Pärt’s music here in Indianapolis in the future! Click through for more information about these events, sponsored by the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (among others).


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    This video contains content from Kontor New Media Music, who has blocked it in your country on the flimsiest of grounds. Culture and enlightenment be damned.