More on Mark’s Christology

More on Mark’s Christology January 18, 2016

Dustin Smith has offered a response to Mike Bird’s recent post about Mark’s Christology. We also got a quote from Daniel Kirk which addressed Bird’s claims even before he made them.

Someone suggested that that might place Daniel among the Prophets, but historically he has been included among the Writings…

I am starting to think that, if I ever write a second edition of The Only True God, or a different larger book on Christology, I will need to spend time on the Synoptic Gospels. The challenge is that those works simply don’t say anything about Jesus being pre-existent or God, and so it is harder to write about silences than about what is said. Perhaps what is needed is more along the lines of what Daniel Kirk has been working on – a fuller exploration of what the Synoptic Gospels do say, which is a depiction of a fully human Jesus who functions as God’s agent.

Meanwhile, Mike Bird mentions an event at which he and Bart Ehrman will be among those discussing this sort of topic. And Christianity Today explained that many Evangelicals fear engaging in scholarship precisely because, when done honestly, it can lead to conclusions that one set out hoping to avoid drawing.

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