What Jesus Thought of the Apostles

What Jesus Thought of the Apostles January 31, 2016

Dialogue of the Paralytic with Christ,

Jesus says, “The apostles were stupid and lazy men, who wrote whatever they wished with a great deal of paper and ink.” 

The quotation comes from the work known as Dialogue of the Paralytic with Christ, which you can read on Tony Burke’s blog (in a shorter version that lacks this particular statement). I’ve been meaning to share the quote from this work for a while, in meme form, since it will draw attention to this otherwise little-known apocryphon. The longer form of the text is being worked on by Bradley Rice, whom I met at the York Christian Apocrypha Symposium, and who was recently interviewed online. (See the NASSCAL blog for more information, and subscribe to it if you have not already done so).

See too Rick Brannan’s blog post about his contribution to the same volume.


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