Biblical Studies Carnival

Biblical Studies Carnival January 31, 2016

Tim Bulkeley has posted the latest Biblical studies carnival, including round ups of a number of series that have been unfolding over the past month, as well as other topics, such as the SBL decision to paywall Review of Biblical Literature. I had already agreed to write one more review for RBL and so will do so, but I don't anticipate volunteering to do so again unless that decision is reversed.

Click through to see what else has been happening around the biblioblogosphere this past month that you might have missed – and to find out why Tim decided to post the carnival today rather than tomorrow, assuming you are the sort of person who takes the time to read the footnotes…


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  • Tim Bulkeley

    Thanks for the mention, the SBL decision seems to me sadly to give preference to the wrong things, the faults of the (probably) over-open editorial policy of RBL should not have been allowed to interfere with the necessary (to the scholarly task) openess of publication policy. I wonder if enough comment in the blogsphere and/or on other social media might bring some understanding to the powers that be, or perhaps a mass signed letter?

    • If you put together a letter, let me know – I’ll both sign and help circulate it!

      • Tim Bulkeley

        Ah, so that’s the problem, no one wants to be first 😉 I’ll think a bit as I have a couple of big projects/issues at present… but someone needs to do it…. I am no longer an SBL member, so could you email me the message tim at

        • I may put together a letter – I don’t mind being first! But I’ve been waiting to see whether there is any initial response to some of the blog posts and other online discussions that have already taken place about this.

          Although if someone else wants to take the lead, I have no objection… 🙂