Mythicist Defenders of Christian Orthodoxy

Mythicist Defenders of Christian Orthodoxy January 31, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me, when I talk to Jesus mythicists online, how eagerly they embrace and defend Christian orthodoxy. They do not accept that Christian orthodoxy is true, of course. But they accept that it gets the facts right – an odd stance for such so-called skeptics to accept uncritically, never mind do battle about. But they do indeed fight in defense of the claims of historic Christian (and often specifically Roman Catholic) orthodoxy, insisting that Jesus was God in our earliest sources, and that James the brother of Jesus was not in fact Jesus’ biological brother.

This is a perfect example, I think, of a phenomenon I have talked about before: switching sides in a debate, but not changing one’s mindset at a more fundamental (pun intended) level.


If someone moves from fundamentalist religion to fundamentalist atheism


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