More Textbook Disclaimers

More Textbook Disclaimers January 31, 2016

For those who live in an area where disclaimer labels are added to science textbooks, you might find a way to protest by asking that some of the additional stickers below be added to a variety of textbooks, including but not at all limited to those dealing with evolution.


These come from Colin Purrington’s blog.

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  • Are there any such areas?

  • The Mouse Avenger

    I have some comments to make regarding some of those disclaimers, if I may be so bold…

    1. I may be an evolutionary & Old Earth creationist, but I take offense at the implication that the stories in Genesis are a bunch of made-up phony-baloney. I not only believe in the reality of both Genesis & evolution & whatnot, but I also believe that the stories in Genesis do not have to be in conflict with science, & are entirely plausible on the whole.

    2. Furthermore, myths can be true or false. Also, I believe–no, I know!–that magic is just as real as anything else in this universe, & the supernatural / paranormal / otherworldly / magical / mystical / etc. are perfectly in line with reality as we know it in said universe, & are NOT limited to so-called “imaginary realms” (which may very well reside in alternate universes, but that’s another topic for another time).

    Now, I can get behind your basic sentiment at the heart of your article–don’t get me wrong!–but the author of those disclaimers really rubs me the wrong way. (S)he sounds like a major…well, meanie!

    • Wow, it was interesting reading some of these again after a few years had passed. Hopefully efforts to insert anti-science disclaimers into science textbooks will become a thing of the past, and then hopefully so too will parodies of them!