A Strange Mix of Narcissism and Paranoia

A Strange Mix of Narcissism and Paranoia February 1, 2016

A nice quote from the Alison Bernstein, better known as “MommyPhD.”


"___ Thank you Religion Prof. … for releasing my comment below. ____ 👍"

Redeeming the Christian Faith
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Not Liberal, Just Literate
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Redeeming the Christian Faith
"That's a lie, which is again typical of the left."

Redeeming the Christian Faith

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  • John MacDonald

    Someone needs to send this memo to Donald Trump.

  • arcseconds

    No-one ever paid me to defend evolution!

    Clearly they got me with their mind control ray instead.

    Maybe I would have preferred the first option. The result would be the same either way, and at least I’d get something out of it…