A New Category of Violence

A New Category of Violence February 5, 2016
Biblical violence

The image came to my attention via John Byron on Facebook. What is “biblical violence” in this context? How is it different from other kinds of violence? Or is it violence of “biblical proportions”?


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  • Well, unlike “secular violence”, many Christians prepare their children early on for the frightening images of “biblical violence”. As in this disturbing little ditty from Sunday School:

    When I was just a little child
    No higher than your knee,
    My mother bought a box of crayons,
    Just for me.
    I picked them up and I opened them up
    And I looked way down inside,
    And the colors there reminded me
    Of Jesus when He died.

    O… Red is the color of the blood that He shed,
    Brown is for the crown of thorns they laid upon His head.
    Blue is for royalty! In Heaven He does dwell;
    And yellow is for the Christian who’s afraid to tell.

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    I’m waiting for the movie that has Biblical Nudity.

    Garden of Eden – pre-fall type. No fig leaves, no shame.

  • On a first quick glance, I read that last sentence as about violence of biblical prepositions.

  • Dan

    Biblical violence makes it kosher. If it was merely secular “Michael Bay”-violence, it might’ve gotten an R rating. But since it’s merely biblical violence, which is even found in children’s bibles, then it can have a much lower, child-friendly rating.

    BTW, Joseph Fiennes seems to get a few roles in religion-friendly movies even though he’s non-religious. He played Martin Luther quite well. He also a character that plotted against protestant reformer Queen Elizabeth. Here he plays a Roman centurion looking for the risen nazarene. And he will have another film this year about scottish missionary and olympic runner Eric Liddell.