A Sign of Maturity

A Sign of Maturity February 18, 2016

Steve Mason quote sign of maturity

“It is a sign of maturity when we stop trying to make everyone into clones of ourselves (whether they be our students, children, or employees) and begin to appreciate them for who they are. We are invariably rewarded when we make the effort to encounter another person in his or her integrity.”

– Steve Mason (Josephus and the New Testament, p. 24)

HT Bob Cargill on Facebook, who shared the quote a while back. It seemed to me memeworthy and so I’ve made two versions, and couldn’t decide which I liked best. I think part of me thought that the two very different photos of Steve Mason both deserved to be included, as it symbolizes the very point of not pigeonholing him even into one set of clothes or the other, and thus reinforces the message of the meme.

Feel free to share either or both, but please do let me know which is your favorite, as it might influence future meme-making. And don’t miss as well Mason’s recent contribution on historiography on the Bible Odyssey website!

It is a sign of maturity Mason quote

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  • CrazyDogLady

    I like the first one, the black and white one, best. It is both eye-catching and easiest to see the words.