First Review of Touching the Face of the Cosmos

First Review of Touching the Face of the Cosmos February 13, 2016

The first review of Touching the Face of the Cosmos: On the Intersection of Space Travel and Religion has appeared, written by Robert A. Lee for National Space Society Review. Here is an excerpt:

Readers who wish to explore the implications of space travel on Christian and personal spirituality will find much in this anthology to contemplate…I had never considered the premise of one paper which calculates that, if God wished to provide a savior for each alien intelligent race, there would be over 400 versions of Christ in the universe simultaneously (I seemed to have missed that in the Drake equation!). But overall, the papers are informative and thought-provoking, and the science fiction stories unique and entertaining. Readers will find at least a few concepts that will stay with them long after the anthology’s conclusion.

Click through to read the rest of the review, which includes a brief summary of each chapter.

The Kindle version of the book can be purchased now. The print book can be pre-ordered now and is due for release by Fordham University Press next month.

Of related interest, Phil Plait blogged today about space travel in reality and in science fiction, as did David Brin on the topic of the milestones in space exploration that still lie ahead of us.


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