Science, the James Ossuary, and the Talpiot Tomb

Science, the James Ossuary, and the Talpiot Tomb March 1, 2016

I’m not sure if there are new posts or reposts of older material. But James Tabor has been revisiting a lot of topics related to the James Ossuary and the Talpiot Tomb on his blog. One post tried to provide a comprehensive overview of the evidence as he sees it. Two posts focus on what is controversial about the James Ossuary and why it is controversial. One post focused on the language used on the ossuaries in the tomb. He also blogged about James Strange’s review of his book, and about whether the evidence adds up in the Jesus tomb story.

I will only say this: if it can be confirmed that the study of the chemical signature of a tomb and the ossuaries in it can reliably situate that another ossuary of unknown provenance must also have come from that tomb and nowhere else, then I think we would have to say that the James Ossuary came from the Talpiot Tomb, which would also make it very probable that the “Jesus son of Joseph” buried there is the famous one, Jesus of Nazareth. If anyone has studies from chemists and archaeologists that make unambiguous that this method of identifying provenance is reliable, please let me know!

Jason Colavito offered two posts which respond to James Tabor’s claims about the Talpiot Tomb and Pantera being the father of Jesus.

There have also been posts by Phil Long about James the brother of Jesus and his relationship to the letter of James:

Which James

Is James Pseudonymous?

Was James an Unbeliever Before the Resurrection?


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  • Arlene Adamo

    Israeli officials destroyed the tomb and the bones so good luck in your chemists and archaeologists search.