What Jesus Learned from Women Cover Art Revealed

What Jesus Learned from Women Cover Art Revealed January 18, 2021

I am so thrilled to be able to share the amazing artwork that Macey Dickerson created for the cover of my forthcoming book What Jesus Learned from Women. I was happy when Cascade indicated they were willing for me to commission artwork from a local artist for the cover, and the result exceeded my already very high expectations knowing Macey Dickerson’s work. As I said on Facebook, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but thanks to this amazing artwork I will be happy for you to do so. Here is Macey Dickerson’s depiction of the Samaritan woman meeting Jesus:

Please visit her Etsy shop and like her Facebook page to express your appreciation!

I cannot express accurately in words the overwhelming emotion I felt when I saw it. The combination of the artwork and endorsements brought me such joy and happiness. I’ve never been so moved by seeing the cover of one of my books. Then again, I’ve never been as persuaded as I am now that this book might be the most important one I’ve ever written, and perhaps the most important one I will ever write (although I reserve the right to decide about future books after I’ve written them, as it is obviously too soon to tell!).

Let me include some other items related to my book or the broader theme of women and the Bible. First, I want to share this tweet that offered a great response to another tweet, on a topic not too far removed from that my book, women in the early church according to Acts:

Soon in my forthcoming book What Jesus Learned from Women, as well as a related article in Biblical Archaeology Review, you’ll find out how my research has intersected and drawn on what archaeologists have revealed about tile patterns on the temple floor. I may or may not have cracked a mystery that is roughly 2,000 years old, but at the very least I think I have offered a new possibility that has not been proposed previously and that deserves consideration. Meanwhile you can prepare for that exciting revelation by checking out these articles on that archaeological work:

Check Out Our New Beautiful Reconstruction of Herod’s Temple Courts Colorful Floors

US News and MSN both have articles (and one also has a video) on this topic. HT Jim Davila.

Richard Fellows makes a good case for Mary having been one of Luke’s sources, whether directly or indirectly. A 2016 article by Daniel Gullotta discusses the interpretation of Jesus as a “feminist.” An article by Tal Ilan on “Women in Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls” is free to read online courtesy of Oxford University Press. There is a whole section full of articles dedicated to articles about “Gender and Household” in Stellenbosch Theological Journal 6/1 (2020).

Dallas News on Female Subjugation in Evangelicalism

There is a call for papers on women and gender in biblical literature.

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