Rogue One Trailer

Rogue One Trailer April 7, 2016

As SF Signal and IO9 have pointed out, there is a trailer for the next Star Wars movie, which is not Episode VIII, but Rogue One, set in the rebellion era before Episode IV. It looks great. But let me point out, for the sake of a certain constituency, that this movie is thus a prequel to Episode IV. And so prequel-haters, feel free to say what you’re expected to…


"I see they defined 'historical' as prior to WW1."

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    Me-sah take out the comm tower! You-sah being targeting the reactor!

  • Chris Mason

    Mr. McGrath, I’m going to go off-topic here because I’m not sure of the best way to contact you directly, but I was wondering if you (or any source that you can recommend) have any thoughts on this question that is oft-posed by fundamentalists: “Do you know where you’re going to go when you die?” I’ve heard Ray Comfort say this a bunch of times and recently my brother asked me the same question. I honestly hate that question, but I’m having difficulty explaining why (beyond the fact that I think it’s just a cheap attempt at guilting someone over something; there’s also the fact that it’s extremely hypocritical coming from someone like Ray Comfort who appears to enjoy lying for Jesus). I’m just curious if there’s an analysis or something from you or someone that you agree with (I’m willing to change my mind on it if there’s a good argument for it, but I haven’t really heard one yet). Thanks.

    • You could have said that, instead of going “off topic,” you went rogue, and then you would have had your segue! 🙂

      But it is a great question, and I’m thinking I might like to devote a blog post to the question sometime soon!

      • Chris Mason

        Thanks! I’m looking forward to it.

        • Since I never got back to this in a blog post, let me just say that the biggest problem I see with the “Do you know where you are going when you die?” question is that the person posing it has a strong belief that they know, but they do not have something that can genuinely be called knowledge. Feeling certain is not the same thing as having a sound logical and evidentiary basis for certainty.

    • John MacDonald

      The end of “Life” is annihilation. When bacteria die, they cease to be anything. When fungi die, they cease to be anything. When fish die, they cease to be anything. When trees die, they cease to be anything. When cockroaches die, they cease to be anything. When spiders die, they cease to be anything. When chickens die, they cease to be anything. When chimpanzees die, they cease to be anything. Why would it be any different when humans die?

  • Grimlock

    Man. I love the fact that we are getting new Star Wars movies. But still… I miss the Expanded Universe! It had Thrawn in it, after all.

    • Grimlock

      A being that creates a universe with Grand Admiral Thrawn in it is greater than a being that creates a universe without Grand Admiral Thrawn.

  • Shiphrah99

    Top notch cast! And I can tell already that the dialog is better written than the other prequels. (I love you George home-boy, but you have a deaf ear.)