Bible Music by Philip Moody, Robert Nathaniel Dett, Florent Schmitt, and Jonathan Pease (Plus Nightbirde and More)

Bible Music by Philip Moody, Robert Nathaniel Dett, Florent Schmitt, and Jonathan Pease (Plus Nightbirde and More) June 10, 2021

YouTube introduced me to Philip Moody’s “Laguna Concerto,” and as with all music I enjoy, I looked to see what else was on YouTube. It offered me (among other things) this setting of the Lord’s Prayer:

It also shared “Prayer” which is a title that always leads me to have a listen/take a look, since the text sometimes is biblical and sometimes is not. In this case it is Kyrie Eleison together with Psalm 23 in a beautiful work:

Of related interest:

Drew Longacre and Jim Davila both drew attention to an article about an ancient “paperback” edition of the Psalms.

Bob MacDonald blogged about assonance in the Psalms (in general) and then specifically Psalm 7, as well as comparing translations.

Bob Cornwall preached on Psalm 138

Psalm 119:17–24 (Gimel)

The point of Psalm 139

Commentary on Psalm 49

Commentary on Psalm 50

Commentary on Psalm 51

Commentary on Psalm 52

Commentary on Psalm 53

Commentary on Psalm 54

The Heavens are Torn

Psalm Reader Part I: Confidence in God in the COVID Chaos, A word from Sri Lanka

This actually has to do with the reception history of a Psalm:

The Amulet’s (Weird) Tale

Another piece of biblical music: Robert Nathaniel Dett’s setting of Ave Maria:

Also worth highlighting if you’ve never listened to it is Florent Schmitt’s music exploring the story of Salome. This isn’t Oscar Wilde’s version. NAXOS has notes including details from the program at performances in Schmitt’s time, which show how the story relates to and how it elaborates on its biblical source material.

Finally, have a listen to this work by Jonathan Pease, composed for use on Maundy Thursdays, drawn from the Gospel of John:

Pease has also set the Song of Zechariah and written an opera based on the Book of Acts called “St. Luke’s Shipwreck.”

Finally, if you haven’t heard Nightbirde’s song “It’s Okay” on America’s Got Talent, it isn’t biblical music but her song and story are inspirational and her website shares how God figures in it all. Whatever you’re going through, I suspect that this song may be what you need to hear right now.


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