#CFP: Antisemitism in the Fourth Gospel (Book Anthology)

#CFP: Antisemitism in the Fourth Gospel (Book Anthology) June 11, 2021

From GCRR Press

GCRR Press is currently inviting papers for a themed article collection relating to the Gospel of John for inclusion in a proposed scholarly volume. Topics should preferably explore the Fourth Gospel in regard to the origins of Christian anti-Judaism/antisemitism, though other exegetical treatments from a Jewish frame of reference are welcome. By exploring this topic across time and place, this collection aims to provide an historical context for understanding not only the Jewish Jesus but the specific framework in which Johannine Christianity was tied intrinsically to ancient Judaism, while simultaneously distancing itself of Jewish thought and culture. The implications for Jewish-Christian dialogue are clear, and it is hoped that the ensuing discussion will greatly enhance interfaith dialogue on the impact of sacred texts on different people groups in the modern era.

Proposal Deadline:

July 31, 2021

Abstract Word Limit: 

Approx. 200 Words

Submission Word/Page Limit:


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Editors: Zev Garber and Kenneth Hanson

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