Where You Sit In Class

Where You Sit In Class April 19, 2016

Where You Sit In Class phd051608s

From PHD Comics. I think this is almost certainly true in large classrooms like that depicted. In smaller classrooms it still has the tendency to be this way, but not always. Perhaps students have figured out that, in a smaller non-tiered classroom, the professor’s eye is often above the front row students? This semester I have students sitting in the back who are constantly engaged in discussion.

Except for when they are on Facebook, of course.

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  • RosePhoenix

    I always sat in front because I am very short, and otherwise I would not be able to see!

  • TrevorN

    I always chose seats on the edge, preferably at a corner, preferably on the exit side, but the reason was introversion not lack of commitment.

  • Wolf

    Or, in my case: Front row because I can’t see but am too poor to afford glasses. Lol, funny though.

  • runnadaroad

    If you have back row sitters constantly engaged in the discussion I would say you’re winning. And so are they. Congratulations!