Mythicism All Around?

Mythicism All Around? April 20, 2016

If you move in the circles of organized atheism, it is much as if you move in the circles of conservative Christianity: you can get the impression that certain ideas are getting lots of attention, when they are only being given attention by your group which organizes for precisely that to happen.

Just like creationists, Richard Carrier (in a piece complaining about my blog post about Raphael Lataster’s disappointing article) writes “I know professors who won’t publicly admit they think we have a point, out of fear for their career.” That is, as you know, just what creationists say about dissent from Darwin in the academy. He also pretends that my post is a “defense of historicity” rather than a complaint about Lataster writing the way Carrier does, to the detriment of his credibility and probably ultimately his career.

See Philip Jenkins’ recent post for a sense of how mythicism looks to a professional historian who actually works in academia.

Of related interest, John Loftus shared this video of Robert Price (who will be debating Bart Ehrman in Milwaukee):



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