Reenchantment after Skepticism

Reenchantment after Skepticism May 27, 2016

Richard Beck has been blogging about the process of daring to doubt, question, and bring one’s facile assumptions crashing down to the ground.

And he is blogging about what happens after that. There are alternatives to merely living amid the rubble. If doubt can play a crucial role in relation to faith, it is too easy to forget that the reverse is also true.

Click through to read his latest post in this series.

Richard Beck Prophets Deconstruction Reconstruction


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  • John MacDonald

    It’s difficult to know what a reasonable amount of skepticism is. At some point you have to proceed on a certain amount of faith to function normally in the world. For instance, you could argue that there is no reason to think the earth won’t disappear after your next step, so it’s irrational to go for a walk. It’s ironic to see secularists (myself included) accuse theists of irrationality, and yet rarely take stalk of the faith skeletons in our own closets.

    • charlesburchfield

      I’m not sure what’s wrong, john, but this seems like a relevant quote:
      Isolation of catastrophic experiences. Dissociation may function to seal off overwhelming trauma into a compartmentalized area of conscious until the person is better able to integrate it into mainstream consciousness. The function of dissociation is particularly common in survivors of combat, political torture, or natural or transportation disasters.
      Marlene Steinberg
      I think cynicism can function as a sort of dissociation in that it puts distance between one and one’s complex trauma. in IMHO being on intimate terms with people when one has been traumatized too early in life subverts the possibility that one can find community and support to move through one’s developmental issues. one has to stay, of necessity, in the stage of development where one was originally traumatized in childhood. addictions and anti-social behaviour follow, as a rule, because one cannot get one social needs met. the good news is Christ can make a way where there is no way! *~\]:D

      • John MacDonald

        I’m a little confused about what you wrote. Sorry. What is your main point?