Back Home in Indianapolis

Back Home in Indianapolis June 26, 2016

After multiple weeks of travel, I am back home in Indianapolis. But I will continue to blog about the various places I visited, books I read while traveling, conversations I had while conferencing, and much else related to these travels.

Other than my failure to comment as often as I normally try to, how has the blog felt these past few weeks, when it has been a combination of scheduled posts and posts written while on the go?

More photos will be shared in upcoming posts, and I will also be commenting on photos which some of you may have already seen if you are connected with me on Facebook, but which unfortunately I didn’t have time to explain – much to the consternation of some of my friends and relatives who found them intriguing but far from self-explanatory.



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  • John MacDonald

    I feel very lucky to be posting here. The regular posters here are intelligent, well read, and always make me think. I am strictly an amateur when it comes to religious studies, but I am always learning and this is a great place to test out my ideas. Getting feedback from Dr. McGrath and watching him interact with other posters is a great learning experience/opportunity. It is like being back in university again!

    • John MacDonald

      One of the things that was a little sad about the past few weeks is that Dr. McGrath wasn’t as present on the blog as he usually is.

  • You were gone? Actually I was very impressed with how you never skipped a beat posting something new daily. Your journey to Petra, where does that rate on your worldly travels? The images were as good as any PBS documentary I’ve ever watched. Will Alex share some edited video with us soon?

    • I scheduled posts for each day, just in case I wasn’t able to post while traveling.

      Yes, expect edited video at the very least, and more likely a mini-documentary!

      • Will be anticipating a great show from Alex! Can he get 3 hours credit for putting that documentary together? 😉