Roswell That Ends Well (God as Alien)

Roswell That Ends Well (God as Alien) June 22, 2016

I happened recently across the blog Our Daily Fred. There’s a fair amount there that is entertaining on the subject of religion, but the one that brought me there was exploring the alienness of God, bringing the Bible’s use of the term into proximity with some sci-fi images that you can see below (the first is “Saint Alien” by Daniel Potvin).

Gnostic texts such as those of the Mandaeans often refer to a visitor from the lightworld as “Alien Man” or in some similar manner.

What might we learn by bringing the alien of sci-fi and the alien of religion into conversation with one another more regularly?

daniel-potvin-saint-alien alien-jesus

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  • John MacDonald

    I’ve always been fascinated by the “god-like” ‘Q’ race in Star Trek. It is interesting to speculate about things like: “What effect would profound boredom have on a being that has lived forever, doing and seeing everything innumerable times?” Here is one possible answer (Quinn wants to commit suicide):

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I’m afraid we cannot allow you back into the country after this post title.