Jewish Rome (l’ospitalità è sacra)

Jewish Rome (l’ospitalità è sacra) July 20, 2016

I’m going to be sharing photos from my recent travels, and unlike the hasty bulk uploads to Facebook which some of you may have seen, here I will be commenting on and explaining them. Rather than make one post that might take a while to load because of the number of images, I will be trying out the new slideshow multi-page option we now have at Patheos. And so be sure to keep clicking to the next page until you reach the end!

Let me start with the very final part of my trip to Italy, the last day before I flew back to the United States. I visited Rome again on the way back from the Enoch Seminar meeting in Camaldoli. I had planned to visit some of the catacombs in Rome with some of the other conference attendees, but a train strike prevented us from leaving Arezzo until 1pm. In the end, we scrapped that plan and went to our various hotels upon arriving in Rome, with a few of us arranging to meet up later for dinner.

I made a point of exploring places that I had not been to, and passing by a couple of places I had visited a week earlier as I traveled a different route through the historic center. I was glad I did, as I got to see the Colosseum and the Forum from another side. The view of the Forum from across the Circus Maximus gave a big picture angle on the site I had visited previously, and I got a photo of the Colosseum that included tourists inside who provide a clearer sense of the size of it.


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